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Business Cash Advance

When the bank says no, we're here to say YES! A Business cash advance is a purchase of future receivables of a business, of any size, but more solely focused on that of smaller businesses due to the lack of viable options on the table for smaller businesses. 

Cash advances are shorter duration contracts to inject a business's cash flow in times of need. Utilized for all sorts of needs, including, payroll services, inventory, business renovations, etc.

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is one of the most popular forms of alternative funding for small businesses due to it's incomparable flexibility. 

Unlike, the business cash advance, where a larger lump-sum is provided to a business at one time and later satisfied with typically a daily or weekly payment, a business line of credit is available to the business owner, at any time, to draw down as much or as little as needed to cover any particular business expense and then is usually satisfied via ACH weekly payments. 

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Purchase Order Financing

What is purchase order financing? It is a product designed for growing businesses that are seeking capital to fulfill large orders, whom have little access to working capital and their cash flow is not as strong as they would prefer! 

Who is it typically best suited for? Business that usually seek this product consist of but are not limited to; wholesalers, manufacturing, distribution, importing/exporting, etc. 

Let us help you keep your business growing without depleting cash reserves or drawing down on your bank line of credit! 

Equipment Financing 

Seeking a new piece of equipment to bring your business to the next level? Let us help! Equipment finance is the way to go! 

Equipment financing refers to a loan that is used to purchase a business-related piece of equipment. Payments will be made on said product, periodically.

Why do business owners prefer equipment financing? 

  • No collateral needed

  • Stronger cash flow 

  • Have the most up to date technology without depleting your businesses cash flow to do so.

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